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Your Project . . . Your Choice

One of the many advantages of hydroseeding is its flexibility. And among the many areas of flexibility is the fact that different seeds can be used. For example, you might use one type of seed for a showpiece front lawn, and another type entirely for shady areas. If you have areas that would be difficult or even impossible to cut, you might opt to have an assortment of wildflowers applied instead of (or in addition to) the grass seed. This can make for the perfect application for your lawn, golf course, or commercial project.

We can spray yard-type bermudas, zoysia, centipede grass, buffalo grass, and others, as well as providing all types of pasture grasses and seed blends for forage. Food plots for wildlife are also available.

There are also options for different types of fertilizers, different color dyes, and other ingredients that are included in the slurry. That said, the primary difference in hydroseeding applications usually comes down to the mulch.

Mulch Options

Here is a brief description of the types of mulch that can be included in a hydroseed slurry.

  • Bonded Fiber Matrix (BFM) Mulch
    A bonded fiber matrix is a continuous layer of elongated fiber strands held together by a water-resistant bonding agent. It eliminates direct rain drop impact on soil (it has no holes greater than one millimeter in size), it allows no gaps between the product and the soil and it has a high water-holding capacity. A bonded fiber matrix will not form a water-insensitive crust that can inhibit plant growth, and it will biodegrade completely into materials that are known to be beneficial to plant growth.

    A bonded fiber matrix mulch is rather expensive and is therefore only recommended for those extreme projects involving heavily sloped areas where high quality erosion control is paramount. If your project fits this description, be sure to ask us about BFM Mulch when you contact Eden Hydroseeding.

  • Wood Fiber Mulch
    100% wood fiber mulch is a high quality mulch for many projects, particularly those requiring a high degree of erosion control. But contrary to what you might think, not all 100% wood fiber mulches are the same. Eden uses only Enviro-Plus 100% wood fiber mulches. In addition to high quality virgin wood fiber, the Enviro-Plus mix contains a special tackifier at 10% by weight (as opposed to the industry norm of 3%), which allows the binder to stick to soil particles, thus holding the seed and fertilizer in place. This binder is completely environmentally-friendly and breaks down to a healthy calcium and sulphur soil enhancer.

    If you're trying to hold a slope less than 3:1 and do not want to pay the cost of a bonded fiber matrix, Eden's 100% wood fiber mulch may be just what you need. Call us today for more information.

  • Blended Mulch
    A blended mulch is exactly what it sounds like, a blend of wood and paper. Where most companies will use a 60/40 blend (60% wood/40% paper), Eden Hydroseeding uses only high quality Enviro-Plus 70/30 hydraulic mulch. This extra 10% does a lot to improve the erosion control aspects of the mulch as well as general protection against animals, foot traffic and other elements. In addition, Enviro-Plus blended mulch contains the same special binding agent as their 100% wood fiber mulch, thus assuring a high adhesion rate to the soil, holding the seed and fertilizer in place.

    Blended mulches are the most popular type for most projects. At Eden, you can be assured of a quality application of a quality blend to provide the best overall effect for your budget.

  • Paper Mulch (not recommended)
    If your budget does not allow for the more effective BFM or wood fiber mulch, you can choose less expensive paper mulch or, in fact, no mulch at all. While neither of these options is generally recommended, there are times where it could be acceptable, particularly if you are hydroseeding over an already existing bed.

 Bonded Fiber Matrix
Micro view of Bonded Fiber Matrix
Courtesy of Emerald Equipment

 Enviro Plus 100% Wood Fiber Mulch


As you can see, there are many options to consider in a hydroseeding project. Let Eden walk you through these options and help you reach a qualified decision about what you need to meet your goals, your preferences and your budget. Contact Eden Hydroseeding today.

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