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The dynamic climate of southeast Texas (heavy rains one day, searing dry heat the next) can lead to severe erosion problems. At Eden Landscaping and Irrigation, we specialize in solving both commercial and residential erosion issues by using a variety of methods that include (but are not limited to) hydromulching, silt fences, contouring, drainage, retaining walls and more. We typically employ a number of different aspects to effect a solution that assures the highest possibility of success in stabilizing, minimizing or even eliminating your erosion problems.

We provide solutions for all soil types and can usually work around existing foliage, walkways, driveways and outbuildings. More often than not, the projects we implement will actually add aesthetic value to your property while addressing your critical erosion control needs as well.

As with all of our services, each erosion control project is built around the specific needs of the specific client. Contact Eden today to discuss your particular erosion issues. We look forward to providing an attractive solution for all of your erosion control needs. Call 936-672-8888. Or use our contact form to reach us by email. We look forward to serving you.

   Erosion Control in Texas

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