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Eden Landscape and Irrigation is the only Texas landscaping company between Houston and Dallas with it's own hydroseeding equipment. Our hydroseeding division is now the primary focus of our operations, hence the creation of Eden Hydroseeding, the Texas experts for your next hydroseeding project.

To learn more about hydroseeding in general and Eden Hydroseeding in particular, please browse the links below.

  • What is Hydroseeding?
    Learn the basics about hydroseeding so that you can make a qualified decision about your next seeding project.

  • Why Hydroseeding?
    Discover the advantages of hydroseeding and, for that matter, the pros and cons of all seeding methods. We think you'll agree that on balance, hydroseeding is by far the most cost-effective method available.

  • Types of Hydroseeding?
    There are actually different types of hydroseeding and each has its own distinct characteristics. There's more here than meets the eye.

  • Why Eden?
    Not all hydroseeding companies are created equal. Find out why Eden is the perfect choice for you and your seeding needs.

  • Types of Grass
    Different grasses will perform better (or worse) depending on the method of hydroseeding, the goals of your project and, of course, the local climate. Find out what grass may be best for your project.

  • The Process
    Here you can see exactly what goes into the preparation, application and maintenance of your seeding project when hydroseeding is the method of choice.

  • Hydroseeding Photos
    Click here to see photos of various hydroseeding projects.

   Commercial hydroseeding application at golf course
Commercial hydroseeding application at golf course

Contact Eden today for your next residential or commercial project. Call 936-672-8888. Or use our contact form to reach us by email. We look forward to serving you.

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