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 FX Lighting in Montgomery County, Texas


Eden uses FX Luminaire brand lighting to accent our clients' architecture and landscape. With strategic placement, we can fulfill several needs at one location: accent, safety, security and beauty. And because our lights are low voltage, they are also very efficient to operate.

The all-stainless transformer will give you many options on start and stop times in addition to the typical dusk-to-dawn setting. FX lighting is the ultimate accent to your outdoor adventure and will allow you to continue entertaining into the night with both safety and style.

[ see sample photos of FX lighting applications ]

Contact Eden today to discuss your FX lighting needs. We look forward to providing a custom solution for your outdoor lighting needs. Call 936-672-8888. Or use our contact form to reach us by email. We look forward to serving you.

   FX Lighting in Southeast Texas

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